Thank you very much for making a speech at the XXIII World Congress of Asthma 2016 Madrid City. The presentations are the scientific backbone of the Congress.

You have been invited due to your expertise in your particular field,and your presence and speech will enrich the knowledge of the audience. In addition to your scientific contribution you are kindly requested to observe the following guidelines for the smooth running of the Congress.

  • Speakers are encouraged to upload their presentations to a secure server prior to the congress. You are kindly requested to upload your speech at the Speakers’ Ready Room* at least two (2) hours prior to the session. Although we strongly suggest that you upload your presentation the previous day.
  • Please ensure that your support material is as clear and legible as possible. Use fonts of at least 20 points and use contrasting colors for your presentation.
  • Your support material (PowerPoint presentation) is there to underscore and focus your presentation and not the other way around. So please do not merely read the slides of your presentation, but instead use the material to summarize your presentation and highlight key points.
  • Please rehearse your presentation at least once to make sure that it runs correctly and does not exceed the allocated time.
  • Please abide by any instructions and observations from your Chairperson(s). They are there to help keep the discussion on the right scientific track, and on schedule.
  • Last but not least, keep your presentation interactive by encouraging questions from your audience.

Thank you very much for contributing to the success of the XXIII World Congress of Asthma 2016 Madrid City.